163 - I’d Like To File A Complaint, Please

September 20, 2021

The PowerBreak Podcast

Program 163 – SHOW NOTES


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(Bob) “This is the PowerBreak Podcast, number 163 titled:

I’d Like To File A Complaint, Please

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– I’m Bob Brubaker along with JT as we hope you will stay tuned as we seek to give you a little power in this break to help you succeed in the race of life.”

  1. (JT) This is the – PowerBreak Podcast – with a focus on the spiritual, the mental, and the physical aspects – all to help you succeed in the race of life. For show notes from today’s podcast go to bobbrubaker.com and follow the link for the PowerBreak podcast.


  1. Welcome – Bob and JT – chit chat about life, walk with God, training, etc.


BB&JT: Plea and thank you for ratings and review & for spreading the word via social media and word of mouth…

    BB –  We are talking today about … Filing a complaint…

          What has been your experience in trying to file a complaint with a business?

JT answers and discussion on how businesses blow you off


  1. Bob – POINT: Since businesses seem to want to just blow off your complaints… many people assume God is just like that since they don’t seem to get anywhere in trying to file their complaints from their heartbreak to God.

Hold the phone!
Maybe it’s a matter of just complaining and not taking time to know how to approach God with a complaint… namely in the midst of a lament. A lament is much different that a complain, although it includes a complaint but as a result of putting the effort into lamenting, God gives you peace as the Spirit of God ministers to you in your effort to come to God’s throne of grace with your lament. It’s really a matter of connection with our groaning… in lament.


Romans 8:26–28 (ESV) — 26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 27 And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. 28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.


  1. JT ------ OK THEN LET’S TALK SOME MORE ABOUT THAT as we bring up… WHAT’S NEW –  as we open Bob’s recent blog from bobbrubaker.com …

Bob, tell us what you wrote in your blog,

I’d Like To File A Complaint, Please


  1. Presentation and discussion of Bob’s published article,
  • Bob and JT discuss highlights of the PowerBreak blog


I’d Like To File A Complaint, Please

  • Bob concludes with “The PowerBreak blog is found at bobbrubaker.com”      ((((:03 PAUSE))))


  1. JT – What’s happening Bob? Any news we need to know about this week?


  1. Bob – God’s Powerline Of Prayer and –… & Sermon link on the website.

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  1. JT This is the PowerBreak Podcast, I’m JT along with Bob Brubaker and this is the  –– time for some questions and answers. Feel free to submit your questions by EMAIL TO JT@bobbrubaker.com and we’ll get to the answer on an upcoming PowerBreak. Podcast…




We’ve talked about lamenting before… so before we talk about the contents of a lament, why do you think that a lament seems foreign to people today and what caused you to become the “man of lament?”

  • Bob’s answer and discussion

JT’s follow up question…


Explain the four parts of a lament then and how we can develop a lament.


  1. Bob


The four parts of a lament include an addressing God, a complaint, a request(s), and a word of trust or praise.

Psalm 74 is the latest example that has come up in my preaching and what a good example although the four parts are not in order they are still there…


  1. JT – Question Two… “FROM THE MENTAL ASPECT”


What mental benefit is there to lamenting?


  1. Bob


The confidence from assurance that we are following a biblical pattern for  prayer and that God will hear us, as the Holy Spirit  helps us, so the result is the peace of God and the increase of faith.


  1. (JT) Third Question …. Turning to the physical aspect of life….


Let’s talk about types of workouts… basically three types… endurance, interval, and recovery.


  1. BB & JT discuss ---

Bob: How do you define them… endurance, interval, and recovery

JT answers and the two discuss


Bob: What type of workouts do you do most often?

JT – answers and asks Bob


Bob answers as the two discuss the need for variation and how some workouts are inclusive, but you need specific all three on a weekly basis


Bob’s final comment – It takes discipline ….


Point: DISCIPLINE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE --- in all aspects of life

Closing statement Bob…. “check out today’s show notes at bobbrubaker.com and click on the PowerBreak podcast – today’s show is 163.


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