By Bob Brubaker  |  

Kicking The Can

June 26, 2023

There’s an expression for procrastinating called, “kicking the can.” Just picture a person walking down the street and seeing a can, of which content is of great worth. Rather than picking up the can and gleaning from the contents, the person elects to kick the can down the road, the delaying picking it up and […]

The Heavy Weight Of Busyness

June 19, 2023

People today are “so busy.” In face people are “so busy” as to the neglect of personal health, family relationships, and even worse to the neglect of fellowship with God. When I have inquired about busyness from people who complain about being “so busy,” I get answers that include feelings of guilt and shame if […]

The Power Of Promise

June 12, 2023

People make promises all the time, but quite often those promises are not kept which weakens the concept of making a promise. God, on the other hand, has made promises and with His promises there is power because He made the promise. Isaiah 46:9–11 (ESV) — 9 remember the former things of old; for I […]

Freedom From Weariness

June 5, 2023

Weariness is one of those words that makes you feel it’s meaning by reading it or saying it. Many or most people with whom you converse today often express feelings of weariness. Let’s face it, our plethora of time saving devices have given more time to fill, which only leads to weariness of mind and […]