By Bob Brubaker  |  

Stop and Consider This

July 22, 2019

There’s an expression in the 50th Psalm where God calls out those who do not pay attention to Him or His word as He says, “You thought I was altogether like yourself…” What a mistake to try to bring down God to make Him out to be like us or to “dumb down His word […]

Recognized For Faithfulness

July 15, 2019

We would all like to be recognized for something. Some would like be known for their talent, others their success, and maybe others for the number of friends but there is one area where anyone can be recognized no matter what level of skill, talent or opportunity you have, although very few achieve this recognition. […]

No Grumbling

July 8, 2019

As we in the United States of America recently celebrated our independence and our provision of free speech, we heard many people using the occasion to grumble about one thing or another. Granted many things have changed in the country since the signing of the declaration of independence but before you grumble, and tear down […]

What’s In Your Hand?

July 1, 2019

Too many times we do not attempt great things for God in service to Him because we look down on what we have to offer and figure it’s not much so we pull back and fail to serve falling into the trap of the excuse that we’re not good enough or talented enough. STOP THE […]