By Bob Brubaker  |  

The Trap Of Convenience

November 25, 2019

There’s a scene in the book of Acts in which the Apostle Paul was in prison yet the Roman ruler Felix and his wife would send for him to hear what he had do say.  After a while, they found it “inconvenient” so they put him off. Acts 24:24–25 (KJV) — 24 And after certain […]

Setting Margins

November 18, 2019

We live with a set of margins every day. Your word processor operates on margins, your phone texting has margins, even the road upon which you drive has margins. So we’ve learned to live with margins. We live on the edge but there is a boundary that we know when we’ve gone too far or […]

A Sure Anchor For The Soul

November 11, 2019

Where do you turn when things get tough in life? If you turn to the promises of God, your hope is in a safe place. If you turn to anything other than the promises of God, your hope is like building a house on sand. Hebrews 6:17–20 (ESV) — 17 So when God desired to […]

A Matter of Priority

November 4, 2019

Have you established or written down your priorities in life? Even if you haven’t written them down, they are established because if you did an analysis of your daily schedule, you can see what is really important in your life. When something is important, we find a way to do it or be involved in […]