By Bob Brubaker  |  

What is on your reading list?

January 25, 2021

It is good to have (or at least to begin) a list at this time of the year of books to read during the year. Do you have one, or at least in mind?  It’s been well said that leaders are readers, although it seems that with the onset of social media, people are filled […]

The Now Factor

January 18, 2021

Ever notice how many things we put off until “someday?”  “Someday, I’ll get in shape.”  “Someday, I’ll organize the garage.”  “Someday, I’ll spend more time with the kids.”  And the list goes on… If we are not careful, we live our lives in the SOMEDAY mode and never enjoy the present. The Bible speaks of […]

Life Is Never Easy

January 11, 2021

It is never easy. If it were easy, then the motivation, the effort, or the reward would be minimal.  But that is not the case in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 2:1–7 (ESV) — 1 You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, 2 and what you […]

To Blame or To Make Excuses Is To Be Lame

January 4, 2021

The words of the title are an adjusted old proverb but as true today as it ever has been. So much so, that it is appropriate to begin the year with a quip to encourage you not to play the “blame or excuse game.” Ever notice how everyone is quick to blame and/or make excuses? […]