By Bob Brubaker  |  

Living In The Moment

January 29, 2024

Let’s face it, we are not as good at multitasking as we think we are. If we are trying to carry on a conversation while writing or anything else, the person on the other end of our conversation experiences neglect, for sure. Instead of trying to do two or more things at once, why not […]

The Half Has Not Been Told

January 22, 2024

Unbelievable! Indescribable! We use expressions like these to tell of something that is far beyond our expectations. There is an expression that is taken from the account of a visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon and it really is a foretaste of what a person will discover when they come to the […]

Why Are You So Angry?

January 15, 2024

It’s well documented that people are angry today. But why are people so angry? Some say it’s because of television news that plays on the viewer’s emotions, often stirring up anger about a situation so the viewer will keep watching. Others have other reasons for all the anger. The bottom line is that anger is […]

God’s Help Verses Self Help

January 8, 2024

For many years the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves” was thought to be in the Bible, but it’s not. It’s actually attributed to Benjamin Franklin. The truth of the matter from the Bible is that God helps those who cannot help themselves. The precept and example in the Bible is of God doing […]

A New Beginning

January 1, 2024

People get excited about the turn of the calendar as they look at the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. In respect to starting a diet, exercise program, or renewing a committing afresh in any area of life this can be invigorating. If, however, the freshness of the new year does not […]