By Bob Brubaker  |  

Power For Life

May 8, 2023

There is often a feeling of “powerlessness” when facing the rigors of modern life. There are many offers for power to face life from a plethora of sources. There is one source, however, that provides power beyond any comprehension and that power is tailored to our needs and circumstances. I’m talking about the power in […]


May 1, 2023

As we gathered for our weekly prayer meeting, our faithful members were a bit taken by a request from one of the students that we pray for her to have more intentionality. As we broke down the meaning of the word, we discovered that her request was quite admirable and right in line with biblical […]

Relief for the Pain of Loneliness

April 24, 2023

Loneliness can be quite dreadful, and a growing number of people suffer from lonesomeness at an alarmable rate as the isolation brought about by Covid did much to add to the experience of loneliness for great number of people. Let us understand that loneliness is not normal. After God created man, He took note that […]

The Grace of Being Content

April 17, 2023

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “contentment?” Most often people think of a warm fuzzy feeling like you would picture a contented cow chewing the cud. Is that kind of contentment possible in this “stressed out” world in which we live? Is it possible for a person to enjoy the tranquility […]

What’s The Big Deal?

April 10, 2023

Although followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have for centuries made a big deal of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and rightly so for a variety of reasons, today it seems Christians are rather mediocre in the zeal of affirming this basic truth of the Gospel. When you see the influence of the world in […]

Fellow Citizens

April 3, 2023

Citizenship has its privileges as well as responsibilities and thereby those who are citizens value being members of the community to which they belong. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are a citizen of a community made up of believers from all the ages, as those for whom Christ died, rose from […]

The Anatomy of Making Bad Choices

March 13, 2023

Bad choices, we all make them from time to time, so it is good to analyze what happens behind the scenes and a good way to do that is to look into an example in the word of God. Let’s look at the example of Lot. Before we dig into the example of a good […]

Supplies Of Grace

March 6, 2023

The biblical term, “grace” is a loaded word that means “unmerited favor or gift” but so much more. Not only is grace a favor or gift that is unmerited, but this gift also includes “mercy” which means what is deserved is either tempered or not given at all. Check this out to see that those […]

The Gathering

March 2, 2023

What do you think of when you think of “gathering?” Most often it brings to mind something very special, albeit the gathering of family together, or the gathering of a church body, or even the picture of Jesus gathering His little lambs in His arms. Isaiah 40:11 (ESV) — 11 He will tend his flock […]

Naming Names

February 20, 2023

We shall all be offended in one way or another, that is for sure. What we do when we are offended is the important piece of the situation. Most people today take to the internet and name names and describe the awful thing that was done to them. But wait. There is a process and […]