The Multiple Blessings Of Easter

Easter is a time of blessing. With Easter comes the blessing of the reminder of spring and the newness of life in all of creation, at least in the Northern hemisphere. With Easter generally comes the blessing of renewal of families as people come from far and wide to be home for the yearly festivity. With Easter though, comes the greatest blessing of all – rehearsal of the good news of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Don’t miss it because in your contemplating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the fullness of blessing that marked that event, there are untold blessings that unfold. With the blessings of the resurrection also come the contemplation of the blessings associated with His death and all that was accomplished on the cross. Yes, don’t miss it because there are multiple blessings in considering the death, burial, and resurrection of the One Who came from Heaven to save us from our sins and the resurrection shouts that He did it!