The Breastplate Of Remembrance

Wouldn’t be great to be bold enough to follow the call of Christ in the “Great Commission” and see your friends, family, and acquaintances follow Christ? Or at least have the peace to know that you were faithful to share the Gospel or at least invite them to church to hear the Gospel?

Where does effective evangelism begin? It begins with prayer – well, at least it should. When it comes to sharing our faith in a full blown presentation of the Gospel or in taking the initiative to invite someone to church to hear the Gospel, we cannot do this on our own. It takes the power of God. The power of the Gospel is demonstrated when God prepares the hearer and the preacher (presenter) and brings the two together for a Gospel dynamite blast of response.

Prayer begins as God brings people to mind and the Breastplate of remembrance is a way to keep people you want to see come to Christ in the forefront of your time with God.