1999 through 2001 Bob was sponsored by SPAM.

It began when his sister-in-law gave Bob a can of SPAM for Christmas as a joke. When Bob came home from a swim workout and was preparing to go for a ride on his bicycle in training for an Ironman event, he fixed SPAM and eggs. “I couldn’t believe the energy I had for the ride,” Bob told his friends the next day at the swim club so Bob became the SPAMMAN as his friends referred to him out of jest. Bob took it to the next level when he sent word to SPAM via their website, www.spam.com and told them his story. When he received a SPAM t-shirt and cap in the mail, he sported it among his friends which added to the teasing.

It became serious when Bob obtained a slot to race in the Ironman Triathlon world championship in Kona, HI. Bob decided to ask SPAM to sponsor him and was ready to write a letter asking them to pay for his hotel bill in exchange for his wearing the SPAM logo in the race. His brother, however, pointed out to Bob that Hormel, the parent company of SPAM, does not even lease a copier without a business proposal so Bob should do the same and he did. Bob assembled a 30page business proposal on why SPAM should sponsor him as “the SPAMMAN at the Ironman.” For details on the proposal see Bob’s book, “Sponsorship for every athlete.” 

Bob not only received sponsorship for the Ironman world championship but SPAM sponsored Bob for three years as Bob proudly wore the SPAM logo in races throughout the country and readily gave the media interviews as it seemed everyone wanted to hear the SPAMMAN story.

“It was a great three years as SPAM treated me very well,” Bob concludes as his efforts as SPAMMAN also provided him the opportunity to host the SPAM JAM FESTIVAL in Austin MN, SPAM’S headquarters, where Bob is also in the SPAM museum.