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Basic Prayer Training

Basic Prayer Training

It is a privilege of mine to meet with men for the purpose of discipleship; taking them through the Scriptures and helping them find application for their lives. Along the way it is important to impress upon them the need for incorporating spiritual disciplines into their lives, such as regular prayer and Bible study. When I ask them how their prayer life is, most guys pause and have to admit they really don’t have a prayer life. This happened to my friend Jed, who admitted something that most guys won’t admit – that he really doesn’t know how to pray. So this little book is dedicated to my friend Jed because he gave me a good reason to come up with an answer to his desire for help.

Running To Win

Running To Win

There are principles to finishing the race that Bob Brubaker has experienced in running marathons and completing 19 Ironman Triathlons. Bob connects these principles to finishing the race of faith, which makes each one who participates A WINNER. This book will give you some insightful principles from the word of God which will keep you running and help you finish your race.

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God’s PowerLine of Prayer

You can’t go to the Christian bookstore without seeing a multitude of books on prayer. This is not just another one. This book will hopefully lead you to pray as you find fulfillment in participating in God’s sovereign plan for the world.


Breastplate of Remembrance

Wouldn’t be great to be bold enough to follow the call of Christ in the “Great Commission” and see your friends, family, and acquaintances follow Christ? Or at least have the peace to know that you were faithful to share the Gospel or at least invite them to church to hear the Gospel?

Strength Training for your Love Life

book-strength training marriage…is about applying yourself to your marriage as you would any strength training regimen. Just as in strength training you begin to see positive results only after you have consistently applied yourself to a training program, so you will begin to see positive results in your love life as you are consistent about applying yourself to the program laid out in this book. This is not an end in itself. Rather, as you work on the relationship and the needs of the other person, you will see God’s pattern for empowering your love life begin to kick in! Since this is God’s way, the credit belongs only to God the Creator, Who in His abundant mercy has given the joy of love and the fullness of expression in the bond of marriage. May you enjoy the process of strength training for your love life!

Power In The Valley

book-power valleyHave you ever wondered why you experience valleys in life? Do you ever wonder what God is doing?

Valleys are not new to God’s people, in fact, God has made it clear that He has specific purposes for taking His people through various valley experiences. Rather than give you ways to avoid or get out of the valley, Power In The Valley looks at what God does for those He leads in various valleys. The book looks at ten valleys in the Old Testament – their names, the experiences of God’s people in those valleys, and the real life help and encouragement for you to see what God may be doing in your life as you pass through the valley.

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Manly Man – 52 Bible Studies For Men – Volume One

A weekly study of the Scriptures to be used for personal growth and challenge, one-on-one accountability, or men’s group Bible studies. Born from Pastor Brubaker’s weekly discipling, this first volume will help individuals find application and challenge as they dig into God’s word.

One Breath From Death

book-one breathBob nearly died in April, 2005 when his lung collapsed. The story of Bob’s life threatening illness, his near death experience, and the miraculous way God delivered him is an account with which anyone who is going through a physical struggle can identify. Bob takes the time to look at the spiritual implications and connect the dots between the word of God and his real life experience.

This is a great book to give to someone going through a physical ailment as Bob presents a message of hope through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Battle For The Mind

book-battle mindSeveral years ago I was asked to help some scholastic athletes in the realm of mental training.  I have found many helpful resources over the years as I have participated in athletic competition, but none more helpful than God’s word.  In fact, as in every aspect of life, when you find a successful way of doing anything, you’ll find its foundation in the Bible.  So why not begin in God’s word?

The following is a series from my weekly PowerBreak (a weekly blog that I write, publish on my website,, and send via email to subscribers around the world) that came out of my search to find help for athletes.  As I put the principles on paper, I realized this had application to everyone in the race of life.

book-power time management

The Power Of Time Management

Time management may not seem like an exciting subject but it can be when you apply Biblical principles and proven time management practices. The result is freedom and great productivity. And who couldn’t use both of those?

Bob Brubaker has been a student of time management for over twenty-five years and brings motivation and the little things that will make a difference for you in this book.


Sponsorship For Every Athlete

In 1999 Bob Brubaker was preparing for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, HI and like most athletes thought of seeking out a company to sponsor him. After being made fun of for eating SPAM, he decided to ask Hormel for sponsorship.  This is Bob’s story of sponsorship as the SPAMMAN at the IRONMAN. Bob relates his story as he gives encouragement and practical tips for finding and pursuing a sponsor.

The Power Of Gratitude

book-power gratitudeWhat do you do when you are facing difficulty? Some people get angry, some people shut down, but the Christian has power available to see them through any difficulty – it’s the power of God released through gratitude. Gratitude is the most empowering emotion that you can have and the time you experience that power the most is in times of difficulty. But where do you find that power? Gratitude comes by focusing on God and the great benefits that are yours by your relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Follow the guidelines in this book and you will see what God has done, is doing, and will do for you so you can find the power in gratitude.