The Weekly PowerBreak – “What is your heart’s desire?”

If God has made the promise …

Psalm 37:4 (ESV) — 4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

What is your heart’s desire?

Now some would make us think God is giving us carte blanche to come up with anything in the world and just name […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “From Prehab To Rehab”

As you read this, I’m home after surgery this past Monday and on my way to a time of rehab for a total knee replacement. As I approached this surgery, I wanted to prepare as best I could, so I went into prehab mode of thinking – an idea I heard about from a major […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Sellout or Minimalist?”

There’s a phenomenon that is overtaking endurance training known as “minimalist training.” The advocates of minimalist training are quick to point out the typical endurance athlete over trains by thinking, “if some is good a lot is better.” As a result, many, if not most, endurance athletes go to competitions in a state of being […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Great Expectation”

What does God expect from us? Well that depends on what He has given us or done for us. Creation speaks of God’s eternal power and divine nature that everyone who denies God His proper honor in submission is without excuse and shall be judged accordingly.

Romans 1:18–23 (ESV) — 18 For the wrath of […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Buttermilk In The Frig”

It’s quite common to show up for a group ride or workout and see someone who has not been present for a while and when you inquire about their absence they reply, “life gets in the way.” Interpreted: “When it comes to the priorities of life, my wife, my children, or my job have a […]