The Weekly PowerBreak – “The Trap Of Fear”

Have you ever noticed how enticing fear can be? Just watch the “teaser” they give in the midst of the news report before they go to a break. You will be given a snippet of a story that induces a bit of fear because the producers know you will stay tuned because there is something […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Consistent and Persistent”

It’s pretty easy to see the value in being persistent in life. Too many people are not tenacious in the way they approach life and wonder why good things seem to never come their way. Of course, there are other factors which play into every circumstance in life but we’d all agree that if we […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Joy and Enthusiasm”

When is the last time you thought about approaching your day with joy and enthusiasm? We are prone to express joy and enthusiasm when things go according to plan, when we accomplish our goals, or feel good.

God expects us to approach life and serve Him with joy and enthusiasm.

Psalms 100:2 (English Standard Version) […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “Outdoing One Another”

Sometimes the dog eat dog world of life brings us to the point of exhaustion and we just want to sit back and be served. And some people approach serving the Lord Jesus Christ in that manner. People shop for a church as they would shop for a car, looking for the best deal. And […]

The Weekly PowerBreak – “What is your excuse?”

John Calvin noted our minds are idol factories as we tend to allow ourselves to be controlled by just about anything and everything that comes along. In addition, our minds are also factories of excuses.

Have you ever noticed how easily excuses flow into your mind? Athletes have this problem before a race or before […]