Manly Man study – Lessons from the life of Peter

Manly Man – Bible Study / Accountability

Study 12 – Lessons from the life of Peter

Mark 14:27-72

  1. What mistakes did Peter make leading up to his denial of the Lord Jesus Christ? (There are at least four in this passage) How do Peter’s mistakes apply to you? Which one of is most prevalent?



  1. Describe how Peter must have felt after his third denial of Jesus the rooster crowed. How do you feel when you realized you have failed the Lord?



  1. Read John 21:3-17 What drove Peter to go fishing? How did Jesus approach Peter? Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved him three times? What did Jesus point out to Peter in this passage? How does Jesus’ confrontation with Peter connect with what He does in your life when you mess up?




  1. Read 1 Peter 2 What about Peter’s failure and restoration connects with this passage? What is the lesson for you?





  1. Read 2 Peter 1 What has God provided for us – according to Peter? What should we do?



  1. How do you best connect with Peter? Why? How has God restored you? What are you going to do about it?