Manly Man Study – Lessons from the life of Moses

Manly Man – Bible Study / Accountability

Study 13 – Lessons from the life of Moses

Read Exodus 2 through 4

  1. What all about Moses’ life was a miracle? What all about your life is a miracle?



  1. Why did Moses flee from Egypt? Where did he go? What did he learn there? What are some of the things you have learned in the “desert times” in your life?



  1. What did Moses at the burning bush? What all does that seen tell us about God? What was Moses going to become? What times in your life have you had the greatest impression of God’s holiness? What did you do?




  1. What can you say about God’s timing verses Moses’ timing for Moses to lead the people of Israel? What are some things God has taught you in times of waiting? What is the hardest thing about waiting?





  1. Read Hebrews 11:24-26 What did Moses give up to follow God? Was it worth it? What are you giving up to follow God? Is it worth it?



  1. Looking back at Moses’ life and His call to ministry by God – what were his big three excuses? How do they match with some of the excuses that you have made over the years?