Manly Man Study – Lessons from Joseph

Manly Man – Bible Study / Accountability

Study 10 – Lessons from the life of Joseph

Genesis 37, 39-45, & (50:15-21)

  1. What were the essence of Joseph’s dreams that he told to his family? What was the reaction of his brothers? Has anyone ever shot down some of the goals and dreams that you have expressed? Read Jeremiah 29:11 – how does that fit together with goals and dreams?



  1. Read: Roman 8:28 – What happened to Joseph when he went to visit his brothers? Knowing the end of the story – who was behind the action of the brothers? In what way? For what purpose? What big event in your life do you now see that God was behind it all along?





  1. What Joseph get for being faithful to God? Do you think that discouraged him? How did God use that for good?





  1. What was Joseph’s job in the Egyptian government? How did God use him for the good of Egypt? How did God use Joseph for the good of the covenant family? How is God using your place in life for the good of the covenant family?



  1. Why didn’t Joseph take revenge on his brothers? How do you think they felt when they found out who Joseph was? How has God surprised you?



  1. What do you think God is doing in your life today? In what way(s) do you best relate to Joseph?