Manly Man study – Lessons from Elijah No. 1 of 2

Manly Man – Bible Study / Accountability

Study 8 – Lessons from the life of Elijah (1)

Read  1Kings 17 & 18

  1. Describe the man, Elijah. What made him a manly man? Why was he so bold?



  1. Read James 5:17-18. How is Elijah like you? What made him different? How can you be like Elijah?




  1. What did Elijah’s boldness cost him? How did God provide for him? How does that encourage you? What do you think went through Elijah’s mind as the brook dried up? What did he do? Do you ever have doubts? What do you do?





  1. How did God provide for Elijah through the widow? How did God provide for her? What is the lesson for today?



  1. How was the faith of Elijah and the widow tested? Have you ever been tested when you were doing the right thing? What did God show you about yourself? What kind of solution did God bring to the situation?


  1. Describe the showdown in 1Kings 18. Why was Elijah so bold? Upon what principle did Elijah take a stand?


  1. Have you ever taken a stand for Christ? What could you do, based upon the life of Elijah & 1Peter 3:14-16 to be ready? Who all is on your prayer list as those who do are not believers?