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Change Your Morning, Change Your Life

Think about your morning routine. The way you begin your day has a great impact on what you will accomplish that day as well as the […]

Say It Now

There is nothing like the regret of wanting to say something to someone, putting it off, then only to learn of their death and realize you […]

Up From the Grave He Arose

There’s a song by the same title written by Robet Lowry that is sung at the time of the year when the resurrection of the Lord […]



294 – Say It Now

Apr 9, 2024
The PowerBreak Podcast Program 294– SHOW NOTES (2024 – 14) Show date – April 9, 2024 THE Q&A FORMAT OPEN with Tease (Bob) “This is the PowerBreak Podcast, number 294…


No Better Time than Now

One of my friends once said that the most effective weapon of Satan is procrastination. Convincing us that we can do something tomorrow that needs to […]

The Hardest One to Love?

So we have talked in detail over the past several weeks about the importance of love and how we show it to one another.  Let’s talk […]

By This All People will Know That You are My Disciples

At the beginning of John chapter 13, Jesus washes his disciples feet, using it as an example of how to demonstrate love for others. John writes, […]